We are Abide, a team dedicated to birth justice

Abide Women’s Health Services exists to improve birth outcomes incommunities with the lowest quality of care. These are the problems we address:

Why we exist

We exist to combat disparities in Black maternal and infant health

According to data from the March of Dimes, Black women are 3-4x more likely than white women to die from pregnancy-related causes —
even when these causes are preventable.
According to the Department of Minority Health, Black infants have 2-3x the rates of infant mortality than their white counterparts.

Black parents and their children deserve justice. That's why we exist.


The goals that drive our mission and work

Increasing the number of Black midwives and birth works of color

Reducing infant and maternal mortality rates

Reducing pre-term birth rates

Increasing babies' birth weight

Increasing breastfeeding rates

Our Team

Meet the members of our team