We are Abide, a team dedicated to birth justice

Our mission is to improve birth outcomes in communities with the lowest quality of care by offering healthcare and community resources that are easily accessible, holistic, evidence-based, and free from judgment.

We exist to combat disparities in Black maternal and infant health

The following data is from March of Dimes and Department of Minority Health

Black maternal mortality rates are 3-4x higher
Black infant mortality rates are 2-3x higher
90% of Black maternal mortality causes are preventable
Only around 4% of the 15,000+ midwives in the U.S. are Black

Our Vision

Our vision is to build an inclusive, culturally affirming healthcare ecosystem centered on partnering with and empowering BIPOC communities through understanding and addressing systemic racism and biases that act as barriers to optimal care, resources and health outcomes. By fostering compassionate, trusting relationships and promoting community voices, we aim to provide high-quality, holistic, equitable, and accessible care that transforms experiences and improves access to preventive services, addresses social determinants of health, and develops innovative solutions to achieve health justice. Working together, we will advocate for and implement changes to policies, practices, and systems to eliminate inequities in traditional healthcare. We envision a future where all have the opportunity to achieve optimal physical, mental, and social health.

Our Goals

Our goals are purposefully guided by the sobering statistics on racial disparities in maternal and infant health outcomes, and we are committed to implementing comprehensive, evidence-based strategies proven to improve these unacceptable realities.

Reducing infant and maternal mortality rates

We are committed to reducing the unacceptably high rates of infant and maternal mortality, especially among Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC). Through evidence-based interventions, advocacy, and community outreach, we aim to ensure all families have access to high-quality perinatal care and education to protect the lives of parents and babies.

Reducing pre-term birth rates

Pre-term birth can pose serious risks to an infant's health and survival. Through early risk screening, preventative measures, education, and ensuring access to quality prenatal care, we strive to reduce the prevalence of premature births and give all babies the healthiest possible start.

Increasing babies' birth weight

Low birth weight is a leading cause of infant mortality and lifelong health complications. We are dedicated to implementing prenatal nutrition programs, reducing exposure to environmental risk factors, and ensuring comprehensive prenatal care to increase the number of babies born at healthy weights.

Increasing breastfeeding rates

Breastfeeding provides irreplaceable health benefits for both infants and parents. However, many obstacles impede breastfeeding, particularly in underserved communities. Our initiatives focus on promoting breastfeeding education, skilled lactation support, and a culture of acceptance to help all families meet their breastfeeding goals.

Increasing the number of Black midwives and birth workers of color

According to organizations like the WHO, a diverse perinatal workforce is crucial for combating racial disparities in birth outcomes. Our initiatives actively recruit, train, and mentor aspiring Black midwives and birth workers of color to build a maternal care system that provides culturally-competent support for all families.

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