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Join our community of change-makers! Volunteer with Abide Women's Health Services and directly impact maternal health in underserved communities. Your skills and passion can drive real change and offer support where it's most needed.

Volunteer Opportunities

Learn more about how you can get involved.

Community Outreach

Engage directly with communities to provide education and resources.

Event Assistance

Help organize and run our health workshops and fundraising events.

Administrative Support

Help with day-to-day operations to keep our programs running smoothly.

Volunteer Testimonials

Hear from our volunteers about how contributing to Abide has been a rewarding experience, enhancing their lives and the lives they touch.

"So rewarding"

"Volunteering with Abide has been so rewarding! I’ve enjoyed every outreach event I’ve done with Abide. The people we speak to in the communities are so nice and are glad to hear what we have to say. Abide is a clinic that actively fights to decrease the disparities people of color experience when pregnant. The sessions they assign volunteers to attend teaches us the history of South Dallas and how this has affected this area today. As a Latina aspiring to practice medicine, Abide reminds me why I’m choosing this career. I hope to continue fighting to lessen the disparities in our healthcare system in my future."


"We are a part of something"

"I wish I could put into words how much I enjoyed volunteering with Abide! They are an organization unlike any other, they make us feel like we are a part of something and are actively contributing to the South Dallas community. They understand their mission and want to share that with the volunteers. I love tabling with them and getting to know the staff and just having fun with them anytime we go out to the community. The work they do goes beyond their mission, they touch hearts as well and create lifelong impacts."


"Abide is helping to improve maternal healthcare"

“I chose to volunteer with Abide because I am so happy that this organization is helping to improve maternal healthcare for families in communities that need it most.”


"All families should have access to Abide"

"I was divinely connected to Abide and am so honored to experience the heart of everyone serving as volunteers and staff. The dedication, passion, and intentionality I've seen here create a beautiful masterpiece of a team. From my first visit, I was amazed by the breadth of services offered and knew immediately that Abide was special. I believe all families should have access to Abide, and I'm committed to supporting this vision in any way I can."


"Women that support other women"

"I have genuinely enjoyed volunteering with Abide! It has been empowering to share space with women that support other women by building community and providing access to quality, culturally informed healthcare. I especially admire how Abide’s clinic is a beautifully crafted space that centers the patient’s experience. Organizations like Abide motivate me to progress in my academic pursuits as an aspiring physician."


"Women uplifting each other"

"I am really enjoying my time volunteering with Abide Women’s. Volunteering with them has shown me places I can make an impact in my community and social circle. They were very helpful in educating me about the issues we need to address and providing solutions I can support. It is also always a blessing to be around women uplifting each other."

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