Shanta Thomas, MBA

Shanta Thomas, MBA

Director of Finance


Shanta Thomas, MBA

Shanta, an Indiana native, spent her early childhood in the rural town of Noblesville. She proudly traces her lineage back to Elijah Roberts, a successful African American pioneer who made the journey from North Carolina to Indiana in the mid-1800s. Elijah and several other families of free blacks with mixed racial heritage sought freedom to pursue their dreams in education, economics, and religion. Their quest led them to Atlanta, a rural community in Hamilton County, just north of Indianapolis. Today, a chapel and cemetery stand as tangible symbols of the once flourishing community known as The Roberts Settlement. The journey and resilience of her ancestors serve as a perpetual reminder that overcoming seemingly insurmountable obstacles is indeed possible.

Shanta is driven by her deep-rooted passion for consumer protection, advocacy, and empowerment, which fuels her determination to bring about positive change. With a wealth of experience from her previous roles, Shanta has embarked on a new journey at Abide Women's Health, a nonprofit devoted to improving birth outcomes in communities with limited access to quality care. Shanta's determination and dedication have a profound impact on the lives of those she serves. She works tirelessly to champion consumer rights, raise awareness, and participate in community service efforts. In addition to her work in consumer protection and awareness, she also volunteers her time with various organizations in both Indianapolis and Dallas, who are dedicated to uplifting communities of opportunity. Her commitment to community service aligns with her desire to uplift consumers and contribute to the betterment of underserved areas. Through her collective action and advocacy, she aspires to create a world where consumers are empowered, respected, and protected, and where communities of opportunity thrive. 

Shanta graduated with a Bachelor's degree from The University of Indianapolis and went on to pursue an Executive MBA with a focus in Forensic Accounting from Florida Atlantic University. This academic journey has provided her with a well-rounded education in finance, coupled with specialized knowledge and skills in the field of forensic accounting. 

Shanta is a dynamic and driven accounting and fraud professional with an impressive background spanning over 25 years. Her willingness to embrace challenges became evident when she started her career at Simon Property Group with a temporary assignment in the gift certificate department, which quickly evolved into a full-time position. In her role as Senior Bookkeeper, Shanta played a crucial part in the successful launch of the Giftcard program, proving herself to be an invaluable member of the team. Her exceptional skills enabled her to reconcile over a billion dollars in gift card sales in a single year, showcasing her proficiency and dedication. Recognizing her talents, Shanta was promoted to Giftcard Financial Fraud Analyst, where she utilized her expertise to combat both internal and external fraud associated with the gift card program. Throughout her professional journey, Shanta's passion for excellence and her drive to excel have remained unwavering, making her a true asset to the field of accounting and fraud prevention. Her achievements at Simon Property Group exemplify her commitment to success and her ability to thrive in challenging environments.

Shanta is driven by her desire to unravel the complexities of fraud within financial institutions. Shanta relocated to Dallas, Texas, where she eagerly assumed the role of a fraud analyst at Texas Capital Bank. Throughout her year and a half tenure, Shanta experienced significant professional growth in the realm of fraud and risk management. Simultaneously, she dedicated herself to gaining a comprehensive understanding of the complex web of laws, regulations, and policies that govern the financial industry. Her dedication to her craft and her commitment to safeguarding consumers have positioned Shanta as a valuable asset in the fight against fraudulent activities within the banking sector. Her time at Texas Capital Bank reflects her continuous pursuit of knowledge and excellence in the critical area of consumer protection and her dedication to making a positive impact in the financial industry.

In addition to her other roles, Shanta serves as a board member of The Indianapolis Chapter of the National Black MBA Association (NBMBAA), where she holds the position of VP of Finance. Her expertise in corporate finance is vital to the chapter, as she plays an instrumental role in establishing a sustainable financial reporting framework and coordinates the development of the Indianapolis chapter's budget. Her contributions are essential to maintaining the chapter's financial stability and supporting its mission to foster educational opportunities and economic growth in minority communities.

Shanta has two sond; her oldest son attends Prairie View A&M University pursuing a degree in Architecture. Her youngest son lives in Indianapolis with his fiancée and their daughter, her first grand-daughter. Shanta’s family have been members of Eastern Star Church in Indianapolis, IN, for 25 years. In her downtime, Shanta enjoys to fellowship, cooking, and traveling with family and friends.