Support the Future of Maternal Care: Abide Birth & Collective Care Center

Embark on a transformative journey with us as we aim to raise $2.5 million to establish the Abide Birth & Collective Care Center, a place of hope and healing for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color. This center will not only provide crucial birthing services but also serve as a hub for education, training, and community empowerment in Sunny South Dallas.

Why Your Support Matters

Less than 5% of community birth centers are led by people of color. The Abide Birth and Collective Care Center aims to break this mold by being a Black-led birth center rooted in community and accessibility. Your support helps us challenge and change the inequities in maternal healthcare by providing a space designed to reflect and address the unique needs of our community.

Our Mission:

To provide a place of rest and resistance, that gives birth to restoration for Black, Indigenous & People of Color by offering childbirth services, education, training and student housing in a communal environment for individuals and families seeking collective care.

Understanding Our Mantra


For BIPOC communities, the opportunity to rest is not just a luxury—it is a vital aspect of health that has often been denied. Rest is foundational to healing and rejuvenation, allowing individuals to recover from stress and to build resilience. At Abide, we emphasize the importance of rest as a form of self-care that sustains physical health and nurtures mental well-being.


Resistance is a response to the systemic inequities that have long affected BIPOC individuals. It involves advocating for rights, challenging injustices, and striving to change the systems that perpetuate health disparities. At our center, resisting means empowering individuals with knowledge and tools to advocate for their health and the well-being of their communities.


Restoration focuses on the recovery and revitalization of communities impacted by long-standing health inequities. It embodies the active rebuilding of trust, safety, and care in healthcare settings, ensuring that every family can access the support they need to thrive. Restoration in our context means creating a nurturing environment where the entire family can heal and flourish.