Tamara Martin

Tamara Martin

Lead Grant Writer & Community Relations Specialist


Tamara Martin

Tamara Martin was born in Bellwood, Illinois and raised in Dallas, Texas with her older sister. Named after her mother, she grew up learning the importance of family, tradition and serving others. Her grandmother spent her career as a nurse, then a teacher until she retired and always instilled in Tamara the value of education and hard work. Tamara’s mother and father enjoy traveling and raised their girls to be curious about world.

Tamara has a passion for serving her community through nonprofit leadership. She holds a Master's degree in Public Leadership with a concentration in Nonprofit Leadership from the University of North Texas at Dallas, where she honed her skills in managing organizations that make a positive impact on society. Prior to her graduate studies, Tamara completed her Bachelor's degree in Political Science from Alabama State University, where she played D1 volleyball while developing a keen understanding of political systems and their effect on people's lives.

Currently, Tamara is serving as a Community Outreach Coordinator, where she is responsible for developing and maintaining relationships with key stakeholders, promoting awareness of women's health issues, and coordinating outreach events that provide resources and education to underserved communities. Her role as a Community Outreach Coordinator allows her to leverage her expertise in public leadership and nonprofit management to make a positive impact in the lives of others.

Despite her busy schedule, Tamara makes it a priority to pursue her passions outside of work. She finds that playing volleyball helps her stay active and clear her mind, while crafting allows her to express her creativity and unwind. Tamara's commitment to maintaining a healthy work-life balance is a testament to her dedication to achieving personal and professional success.

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